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Viscotex Tencel Dream Visco Pillow
Tencel Dream Pillow

Say goodbye to stiff neck and back pain, enjoy a unique sleep.
Outer Cover: 31% Tencel, 7% Elastane, 62% Polyester -

Outer Cover can be washed at 40° C 

Inner Cover: 100% Cotton 100% Visco Size: 65x43x12 cm 

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New Collection
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About Us

Viscotex is one of the largest and the most reliable factory for molded foam producer in Turkey.  We produce high quality molded memory foam pillows, medical pillows and cushions, mattress toppers and mattresses by using BASF German company raw material which is the best material for memory foam.  VISCOTEX taking firm steps toward becoming well-known brand by combining international level human health and environment sensitive production methods and superior quality control understanding. Our company can produce 75.000 pillows and 500 mattress in a month by modern production techniques sees growth and success as renewable target while constantly improve service quality. VISCOTEX has gained notable place in the sector with ongoing marketing strategies.

We are also able to produce customized products under the private label. (New molds, fabrics, packaging etc.)

Some of the benefits that you will experience when we begin our cooperation:

– Our memory foam is odorless and never get damaged.  

– We use aluminum etial 171 moldMore